Skip Permits

Skip Permits and Licences

If you plan on leaving any rubbish in a public area, by law you must place it in a skip and that skip must in turn by licensed by the local council. This licensing requirement includes skip bags, such as hippo bags. Skips on private land do not require a licence, but any skip on a public road must be licensed. When it comes to the licences, you have two options: you can apply for the licence yourself or a skip hire company can do it for you. This is usually the simpler option as the company will take care of all the red tape for you, but the convenience will cost you a little extra.Red Skip Hire provides local skip hire across the UK.

Skip licences can be rather complicated. Skips require both Public Liability Insurance and a Waste Disposal Licence, the costs of which vary from council to council, and it is easy to find yourself with a hefty fine unless you follow all the rules. In some locations, such as parts of London, only skip hire companies can apply for licences and residents must go through a company to get a skip outside their property, but in other parts of London and some parts of Scotland the person hiring the skip to is required to contact the council themselves and apply for a licence directly.

The time a licence takes to arrive depends on your council but a period of notice period lasting 3-4 days is generally required in the UK before a skip can be placed on a public road. Some companies however claim to be able to get you a skip the same day you apply, so it is worth shopping around. In Scotland, a skip licence can take around two weeks to be granted, so take this into consideration when planning your job. Permits last a specific amount of time, usually 7 or 14 days, after which time they must be renewed for additional costs.

Skip permits through hire companies usually cost around £30 per week, but prices vary depending on your region. This price will include the cost of the permit plus additional charges for admin and extra VAT charges. Applying directly to the council may save you some money, although it may be a lot more complicated. The cost of a licence itself ranges from £10 to £50. If you are placing the skip in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) such as a residents parking bay of metered parking you will need to pay additional Parking Suspension Fees. In London these can cost up to £80 per day but many other councils charge nothing.

Ultimately, acquiring a permit through a skip hire company is going to be beneficial for most people as it streamlines the whole service and passes on the red tape to people who’s job it is to deal with it. There are a large number of skip hire companies available, so google your local area to find the company with the best prices, waiting times and size of skip for your needs. It is however still worth speaking to your local council in order the find out the time limitations, costs and rules that apply to your area.